16 May 2010

Coconut What? Part Deux

Somehow I developed a gnarly cough and head cold again. (I blame a seriously cold and over crowded theatre. Thanks "Robin Hood"! The only cure as I see it is to go shopping for pre-made food and things chocked full of Vitamin C. Oh, the super strength cough medicine my doc gave me last time is also helping.

In a fit of coughing rage, I decided ice cream was the best way to go. Who doesn't like ice cream when you're feeling sick? What else works to counteract the fire that seems to emanate from your face? But, I don't want dairy. That has never helped a cough.

Enter onto the scene: Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream. The whole line of coconut milk ice cream is free from dairy/lactose, gluten, soy, cholesterol, trans fats, and certified vegan and Kosher.

The flavor of coconut is not over whelming; giving the ice cream a subtle sweetness and hint of the exotic. I tried the Cookies and Cream flavour and while it does not taste just like the dairy "real thing", it hit all the points I needed in a cold dessert: soothing to my throat and completely yummy. It is sweetened with agave nectar so I found it to be sweeter than dairy ice cream (even though it has less sugar), however this helped stop me from eating the whole pint in one sitting. Way to keep me within the recommended serving!

I can't wait to try some of their other flavours, especially the mango and lemonade coconut water sorbet. Purely Decadent offers another great alternative to dairy and soy-based desserts. I just wish they would fortify more of their foods with Calcium. It's present in the coconut yogurts I crave, but not in the frozen desserts.

Check out their website where you can find coupons and more info!


Justine said...

I love Purely Decadent and So Delicious coconut milk ice cream! The new Turtle Trails and Green Tea flavors are nothing short of amazing!

Graygrrrl said...

I looked at the green tea flavour but was scared to try it. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll pick some up next time.