31 March 2010

Say Cheese!

Tomorrow marks the start of National Grilled Cheese month. I can't believe it, an entire month devoted to that delicious comfort food- cheese! A meal of cheese and bread may not be the most healthful, so I went digging for ways to upgrade this bad boy to fit into my lifestyle:

- Adding tomatoes and avocado's increases the nutrient value of grilled cheese and it's delicious!

- Heck, add all kinds of veggies to it- roasted red peppers, sprouts, arugula, whatever!

- Use whole grain bread

- Skip the butter usually used to brown the bread and use cooking spray/oil instead.

- Use low-fat cheese (or simply a lower fat cheese like mozzarella)

- Vegan cheese: This is hard to find in a lot of stores, but many Whole Foods (and I would assume Central Market) carry some version. The internet is a flutter with Daiya, which makes a shredded vegan cheese that is supposed to be amazing. You can check out their website for where it's sold. If they don't have it near you, let your local health food store know you want it! You can also order it from Pangea Vegan store.

What is your favorite way to enjoy this traditional treat?

[side note: I found the above picture on a cool blog called Healthy Chow. Check 'em out!

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NatalieCottrell said...

Grilled cheese with tomato and avocado, dipped into tomato soup. Ya-humm!