25 April 2010

Take Action!

I get several newsletters a week from different food organizations, from Organic Consumers Association (OCA) to Meatless Mondays. Some call me to action on important food bills moving through Congress and the FDA, others simply provide healthy recipes. Either way, I learn a lot from them and would like to pass the buck on to you, so to speak.

* According to the Cornucopia Institute (which researches and investigates organic and sustainable practices), many of the non-organic veggie burgers we consume contain a potentially harmful neurotoxin. That kind of freaked me out. You think something being vegetarian/vegan means it's safe (or at least safer), but that's just not true. The list of burgers effected by this is astonishing and includes some of my favorites like Amy's, Boca, and Garden Burger. You can get more info and the complete list of good and bad frozen burgers here.

* I love eggs, from my head down to my legs. I had a fried egg on toast today for breakfast and it is, so far, the highlight of my day. Kind of sad actually, but there you go. The United Egg Producers (lobbyists for industrial egg producers) would like you to believe that people prefer the taste of factory farmed eggs to organic free-roaming ones. Uh, I don't think so. The first time I bought organic eggs, I was astonished by the size, colour, and taste. Where had they been all my life? Part of the reason for their superiority is that these eggs come from naturally mature chickens. I'm sure a life and diet of walking around and being outdoors probably helps as well!

The UEP would like to extend the petition allowing "organic" poultry to receive Methionine in their diet. Methionine is a synthetic amino acid that can be found naturally in free-roaming poultry given organic feed. It's already there, so I'm not sure what getting rid of it will do. It's a synthetic not a chemical, so again, I'm not sure if I care. I do however, think the UEP is ridiculous and I am for anything that puts a bee in their bonnet. If you want to learn more about the petition, it's history, and what the UEP believes, go here. You can also sign a petition saying you want truly organic eggs and poultry there.

* Tomorrow I'm posting all about my first experience into vegan baking- pictures included!

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